What a beautiful day it is here in Cherry Valley, California!  So why wouldn't I want to play with some daisies??  I had many card makers ask for it, so I created a Cheerful Daisies POP Up Window Sheet Tutorial!!  This card fold is truly amazing! I have SO many ideas in my head!!!  The Stampin' UP! Suites are perfect for making beautiful three dimensional cards with this fold!

Sometimes, you just 'can't get enough!!'  That's how I feel about the Stampin' UP! Cheerful Daisies Stamp Set and the matching Cheerful Daisies Dies!  I just love creating beautiful flowers out of white cardstock and ink!  Add a little 'flower molding' and you have just created a floral card your loved ones will feel 'honored' to receive!

Wow!  I had SO much fun creating this card, I totally lost track of how long it took!!  LOL.. but my ladies also enjoyed making it at my last workshop!  We used Dark Roast coffee grounds which filled the air with the smell of fresh perked coffee! Several said they didn't think they could part with it!!  SEND them crafters!!  SHARE the love!! 

This IS my longest video though!  FIFTY-FOUR minutes!!  All the dimensions are listed in the description of the video.  It is WELL worth the time!

 What a FUN card using the Stampin' UP! Cheerful Daisy Stamps along with the Cheerful Daisies Dies! I love taking white cardstock and vellum and bringing it to LIFE!

Well I finally 'did ' it!!  I created my FIRST reel and my first SHORT!  Hopefully most of you have seen some of my It's Journey Time videos so please don't judge!!  LOL.. yes, I was nervous.  This is a goal I have had for quite sometime.  As humans we seem to procrastinate when there is FEAR involved!  So below is the SHORT!

However, I think it best to show some pictures of the FUN Latte Love Suite Pop UP Shaker card!  I had SO much FUN creating it!