So as I was browsing my Journey Time You Tube Channel I thought I would look at my FIRST videos!  I think I had only made two videos before COVID rocked our world!  One thing it DID do is force me to step out of my comfort zone for the benefit of my club members, so we could meet once a month on Zoom (another FIRST) and also so that I could make tutorials for those who were not able to attend the Zoom workshops!

Wow was that a learning curve!!  LOL.. and now several years later I am still stepping out of that comfort zone!  Now I am trying to learn REELS!  LOL!  Being retired, I can never say I am bored... that is for SURE!

I ran across this video... it's at the bottom of my queue so I am sure no one sees it... but I watched it again and you know what?  It's really NOT that bad for my second attempt at videos!  I also thought to myself, 'this could still be really helpful!'  I have not found a better way to make bows... at least for those of us whose small dexterity may not be so amazing.  So I decided to share it again...

I hope you will take a look, and maybe it will be an 'aha' moment for you! I am sure you can still find 'cake breakers' on Ebay. I actually bought some for my crafty friends too! In fact... 'Why not GIVE a cake breaker AWAY?'  So here it goes!

If you leave a comment here on my blog after you watch my video, you will be entered to win a vintage cake breaker so you too can make perfect bows! If you also leave a comment on my YouTube video you will earn an extra entry! I will post the winner here on my blog on May 15th!

So let's get this party started!! Hope you enjoy this video! Meanwhile, may all your layers be even and your bling shine, but most of all may you always find JOY in the Journey!
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