Well I finally 'did ' it!!  I created my FIRST reel and my first SHORT!  Hopefully most of you have seen some of my It's Journey Time videos so please don't judge!!  LOL.. yes, I was nervous.  This is a goal I have had for quite sometime.  As humans we seem to procrastinate when there is FEAR involved!  So below is the SHORT!

However, I think it best to show some pictures of the FUN Latte Love Suite Pop UP Shaker card!  I had SO much FUN creating it!

How FUN it was turning the adorable coffee pot into a SHAKER element!  It was easy using the Foam Adhesive Strips they were the perfect size and are so flexible!  And yes.. I did use actual coffee grounds!!

Those little coffee cups just came to life after I sponged them to give some dimension.  It's NOT done until it's sponged used to be my mantra.  Lately clean and crisp has been the fad, but sometimes you just gotta get your fingers dirty!

I decided to make a little tag insert for the sentiment!  I think it looks amazing just snuggled in the mechanism pocket!  

So as promised, below is my short.  It's not perfect and you can absolutely tell how nervous I was!  I will try and get the full video done soon and will post when it's ready!  Meanwhile, enjoy my SHORT!

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